Now Streaming - July 2016

I wanted to draw attention to the rather impressive streaming site


The site has a huge collection of cult films and a nice smattering of horror and sci-fi. Plus they have a great collection of MST3K and Elvira episodes and a large Gamera collection, the turtle version of Godzilla. All of the films of streaming for free and a few even have commentary tracks as options. One of the coolest features is the VHS Vault where they allow you to stream the films in VHS quality, giving the films that fuzziness that fulfils a need for nostalgia. Below are just 5 titles of many worth checking out.



Manos Hands of Fate Mystery Science Theater 3000 - A classic episode of a film often found on lists of the worst films ever made. This is a good entry point for anyone who isn’t already a huge MST3K fan.




Body Bags (commentary available) - This made for TV movie is a hidden gem. Tobe Hooper, Larry Sulkis and the amazing John Carpenter directed three short films for this anthology of horror. The opening story about a serial killer is a blast.







Night of the Demons (commentary available) (VHS Vault available) - Three ways to watch this awesome, gory 80s horror film. Seriously overlooked, this film has partying, teenage hijinks and some really great practical effects. Plus it created a great villain and one that should be remembered more.




Q The Winged Serpent (commentary available) - Larry Cohen’s weird tale of ritualistic murder and a strange creature terrorizing New York. The movie is an odd grab bag of horror and fantasy but the commentary is pretty great. Cohen really dishes out how he made the film on a small budget.





A Boy and His Dog (commentary available) - A truly overlooked masterpiece of apocalyptic storytelling. Don Johnson has a telepathic dog and together they try to survive a barbaric world. When they find an underground society, they think they have been saved. But soon, an evil plan emerges and the two must escape.