Now Streaming - August 2016

Stranger Things (Netflix) - Easily one of the breakout surprises of 2016, this eight episode series evokes equal parts Stephen King and Steven Spielberg. Winona Ryder makes a strong return as the mother of a boy who goes missing and his friends begin to search for him. The ensemble acting and soundtrack are highlights for this nostalgic blast.



Tetsuo The Bullet Man (Hulu) - This is the third film in the cult series from the 90’s out of Japan that helped define the cyberpunk genre. Nine Inch Nails did the theme song for this one and is worth checking out alone. This isn’t by any means the best of the series but the film is better than many give it credit for. The film is an assault on the senses.




Penny Dreadful (Netflix) - This Showtime series just hit Netflix and is a great dose of gothic horror. The show combines literary characters such as Frankenstein’s monster with Dorian Gray. Eva Green is fantastic as is the overall look and feel of the series. With two seasons now on Netflix, this show is a great binge watch.



The Invitation (Netflix) - Karyn Kusama’s dinner party thriller is a slow burn but rewards with one of the best endings in recent times. Imagine a LA dinner party in the hills with the Manson family and you begin to understand this twisted tale. The performances ground the film in reality and some heavy emotions making its final shot all the more powerful.




Holidays (Netflix) - Horror anthologies are usually a mixed bag and that is certainly true of Holidays. A few good ideas here make it worth checking out and the film zips along at a nice pace with eight tales of holidays not often featured in horror films. Seth Green stars in one of the shorts and Kevin Smith directs another.