Now Streaming - May 2016

Kristy - A murderous cult descend on a boarding school during Thanksgiving break. The film could use more backstory for the cult but the cat and mouse chase provides many thrills. Haley Bennet and Ashley Green are strong as the two dueling female counterparts.




Let Us Prey - A clever, darkly fun horror film about a stranger who arrives at a police station and starts creating chaos. The spiritual nature of the story adds heft to what might otherwise feel like a standard "man in a box" film. Game of Thrones fans will dig seeing Liam Cunningham in a badass role as the stranger.




Robinson Crusoe on Mars - A rare sci-fi film to grace the coveted Criterion Collection, this film features some stunning color photography. This film is truly one of a kind. Sure the acting style is dated and the effects a bit cheesy but I think it is easy to see why this film got such love and attention from the folks at Criterion.



The Hallow - A biologist moves to the small town of and begins to upset the local townsfolk. There is something out in the woods and he and his family soon learn that they should have listened to their warnings. This is a major surprise blending horror and fantasy seamlessly into something original and really effective. Horror fans will dig the care this film takes to do something unfamiliar.



Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow - This odd blend of noir, sci-fi and big budget effects just hit Netflix. When the film was released it was groundbreaking for its use of green screen for entire scenes. Now that practice has become routine but this film remains truly unique. If you have seen it before, this is probably due for a revisit even if the film isn’t fully successful.