Now Streaming - April 2016


Hush(Netflix) - Mike Flanagan is back after the underrated Oculus. This time a deaf mute woman is the victim of a home invasion by a masked murderer. Star and co-writer Kate Siegel steals the film with a great performance and several clever moments that turn the situation on its head.




World of Tomorrow(Netflix) - This Academy Award nominated short film by Don Hertzfeldt is stunning. It was easily one of the best films of 2015. It is 17 minutes and well-worth every minute spent. I would try to describe the plot but the joy here is coming to this sci-fi fable blind and watching each weird, wonderful turn it takes.




He Never Died (Netflix) - Henry Rollins gives an impressive performance as a quiet loner who maybe eats people. He has left society but gets drawn into a complicated plot involving the mob, his estranged daughter and a waitress. The film take several unexpected turns and apparently is being continued as a miniseries.


The Arrival (Hulu) - This Charlie Sheen starring sci-fi flick from the 90’s is way better than you think it is. Writer and director David Twohy would go on to bigger fame with Pitch Black and Riddick but this film is his first. Sheen plays a radio astronomer, whatever the hell that is, who discovers alien life and ends up in a conspiracy. Quickly paced and smart, this film is a forgotten gem.