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Hello IHSFF Fans. Next up is our good friend and Arizona film programming mainstay Andrea Canales. She offers one of the most unique lists of favorite films from any of the guests featured this month. Take an opportunity to check it out and visit Andrea at FilmBar in downtown Phoenix for some of Arizona's best genre programming - Monte Yazzie, IHSFF Festival Director  

Andrea CanalesName: Andrea Canales


Title:    Film Programmer


Organization/Outlet:    FilmBar




  • What do these films mean to you? Why are they important? How have they influenced you?


Erotic Horror films are a time capsule of an exotic and far away time. Especially the films of Jess Franco: where many locations were used in multiple films and secured for a deal that remains the stuff of b-movie folklore. Vibrant and authentic they are erotic and colorful, underscored by sumptuous sounds of exotica composers. Leaning heavily on the starlets alluring looks to compensate for wandering, some time non-existent storylines; they are a fabulous reminder of a 1970s where sexual freedom and exploration were paramount. Filmed quickly and with the gusto of their gregarious filmmakers, they contain a certain genuineness that will allow them to endure and attract future generations of audiences.


99 Women PosterTHE LIST

  1. 99 Women

My favorite Franco: not necessarily a horror film, but a thriller with stellar performances, stunning scenery and a haunting soundtrack.


  1. Zombie LakeZombieLakePoster

A surprisingly sympathetic and endearing film about Nazi Zombies: who arise from a lake, with a touching daughter and father-zombie story that is truly charming.


  1. Bloody Moon

BloodyMoonPosterA video nasty that delivers with sexy co-eds romping it up in Spain with some seriously great gore and an infamous VHS cover!


  1. Devil Hunter

Captured and tortured in the jungle, this cannibal tale features exotic locations and starlets. A “Devil” with ping-pong balls for eyes and some ridiculous dubbing: A lot of fun!


  1. A Virgin Among the Living DeadAVirginAmongTheLivingDeadPoster

A haunting horror film that is visually arresting and atmospheric. Daydreams and nightmares intertwine with reality to create a truly lingering experience.


  • Where can we find you, what are you doing next, self-promotion, etc.:

Hosting a screening of SUSPIRIA at Phoenix Art Museum 02/10/16!


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