Favorite Books in Horror Movies

Hey International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Fans, we've got something fun to get you in the Halloween spirit. Some of my favorite film people are being featured throughout October offering their unique perspectives on horror films they love. Take a moment to read the insights from these unique personalities and get to know the people that love this genre we call HORROR.
First up is Marc Ciccarone from Blood Bound Books, a local independent publishing company specializing in horror, suspense, and dark fantasy.
Enjoy. - Monte Yazzie, IHSFF Festival Director

Name: Marc Ciccarone

Title:   Owner

Organization/Outlet: Blood Bound Books




As an independent publishing company specializing in horror, suspense and dark fantasy we wanted to contribute a literary side to the IHSFF’s movie lists. Submitted for your approval, the top five books featured in horror movies. Don’t worry; they’re make believe…we think.





  1. THE BEYOND (1981) dir: Lucio Fulci

TheBeyondThe Book of Eibon”

Lucio Fulci’s film “THE BEYOND” is a gore-filled cult classic. After a lynch mob murders a suspected Warlock in 1927, the Seven Doors Hotel—where the crime occurred—remains empty for decades until an NYC-transplant named Liz buys the building.  During renovations, The Book of Eibon appears several times and alludes that the hotel is one of the seven gateways to Hell.


  1. IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS (1994) dir: John CarpenterMouthofMadness

Sutter Cane’s “In the Mouth of Madness”

Directed by John Carpenter—the king of horror in our opinion—“IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS” is a Lovecraftian film in Carpenter’s Apocalypse Trilogy. Sam Neil, an insurance investigator, is hired by Arcane Publishing to investigate the disappearance of popular horror novelist Sutter Cane. In researching the case, Neil discovers that Cane’s book covers form an outline of New Hampshire, marking a location believed to be Hobb's End, a fictional setting for Cane's novels. After traveling to Hobb’s End, Neil receives Sutter Cane’s final manuscript: In The Mouth Of Madness—same as the movie. And if it’s published… Well, let’s just say it’s probably as catastrophic as “crossing the streams.”


  1. SECRET WINDOW (2004) dir: David Koepp

SecretWindowSowing Season

“SECRET WINDOW” is adapted from a Stephen King story, and features Johnny as successful author Mort Rainey, suffering a psychotic break after his wife’s affair. While deep in depression and suffering writer’s block, Rainey is confronted by a man accusing him of plagiarism. “You stole my story,” the odd man says. “This has got to be settled.” His manuscript, “Sowing Season” is the work in question, and he won’t leave Rainey alone until he gets what’s right…what’s fair.



  1. BEETLEJUICE (1988) dir: Tim BurtonBeetlejuice

Hand Book for the Recently Deceased

It sucks not knowing you’re dead. Luckily, this handbook was created to help ease the burden of transitioning to your new life…er, afterlife. With big names and big laughs, Tim Burton’s 1988 classic “BEETLEJUICE” is still relevant today.


  1. THE EVIL DEAD (1981) dir: Sam Raimi

TheEvilDeadThe Necronomicon

The ancient text, written by the "Mad Arab" Abdul Alhazred, is featured in quite a few films, “THE EVIL DEAD” being one of our favorites. Each film changes a few details of the book of the dead, yet that only adds more intrigue to the legendary grimoire. Real or fake, we never miss a chance at a flick featuring the one and only Necronomicon!



  • Where can we find you, what are you doing next?

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