Favorite Fright-Rags Horror Shirts of 2015

Hello IHSFF Fans. Our next guest is Ben Scrivens from Fright-Rags. For many of you that frequent the same horror events that I do throughout the year I've seen many Fright-Rags designs walking around. I'm sure that we probably all have one, or in my case twenty, shirts from Fright-Rags. Ben is a hard working entrepreneur who pursued his passion for horror. Check out some his favorite shirt designs from this year and hear the influence that went into each of them. – Monte Yazzie, IHSFF Festival Director  

BenScrivensName: Ben Scrivens


Title:   President/CEO


Organization/Outlet:            Fright-Rags, Inc



List Subject: Favorite Fright-Rags Horror Shirts of 2015




1.Halloween II V1HalloweenIIV1

This sequel is by far one of my favorites of the Halloween franchise and Justin Osbourn so perfectly captured the look and feel of the film. It goes perfectly with the original Halloween piece he did for us in 2013.


HalloweenIIIV12.Halloween III V1

Even though this sequel does not feature Michael Myers, it is still one of my all time favorites. And again, Justin Osbourn managed to fit his style to the film in a way that has not done before.


3.Sweet Dreams

Rocky Davies has an undeniable style and when he approached us with this idea, we jumped on it. No SweetDreamsquintessential 80s inspired design is complete until it has Freddy with wayfarers on it.


4.I Still Believe

Everyone loves the “crazy sax guy” from The Lost Boys, but how do you create a shirt that isn’t just shirtless, oiled up, muscle-bound dude with a sax on it? Kyle Crawford struck a perfect balance of imagery from the film IStillBelieveand the throwback look of a club flyer. Add in all the little winks and nods to the film and it’s a perfect design.


5.Chum Bucket

We had our share of challenges doing shirts for JAWS because we could not use any actors’ likenesses. As soon as this idea came to us, we knew we had to do it. Not only is it a unique take on a famous scene, but the position of the characters allows us to show them without likenesses.ChumBucket




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You can always find us at www.fright-rags.com/ Our next big release is our Trick ‘r treat Collection coming out on October 21. We also have a few other things to release before the end of the year.


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Facebook: facebook.com/frightrags

Twitter and Instagram: @frightrags