Mick Garris — 2006 IHSFF Hall of Fame Inductee



An accomplished writer/producer/director and creator of Showtime’s Masters of Horror series, Mick’s love of horror began at an early age, starting with writing horror fiction at the age of twelve. His many credits include "Life on Death Row" from Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, "Whirlpool" from HBO’s Tales of the Crypt, Psycho IV and Critters 2.With a career spanning over twenty five years, Mick is probably best known for his work with Stephen King and developing the bestselling author’s books for television. Beginning with 1992’s Sleepwalkers, Mick went on to direct one of the finest King adaptations ever, The Stand. His 1997 version of The Shining is claimed by King to be more faithful than the Kubrick film. 1997 also saw Quicksilver  Highway starring Christopher Lloyd and is based on short stories by Clive Barker and Stephen King. His latest King adaptation is this year’s Desperation, a three hour mini-series for ABC starring Tom Skerritt. Mick’s latest big screen movie is Riding the Bullet. He wrote the screenplay and directed this tale about a young hitchhiker on his way back home to see his dying mother. Along the way he is picked up by a mysterious stranger with a deadly secret. The story is based on an eBook by Stephen King. The film stars Jonathan Jackson, David Arquette, Cliff Robertson, Erika Christensen (Parenthood) and Barbara Hershey.