Lloyd Kaufman — 2005 IHSFF Hall of Fame Inductee


Lloyd Kaufman



Lloyd Kaufman is many things: producer, director, screenwriter, editor, composer, actor, and, above all, a renegade fighting against the further conglomeration and Homogenization of Hollywood. Kaufman is president and co-founder of Troma Entertainment, one of the last upholders of independent, low-budget fi lms. His work include “Class of Nuke ‘Em High “(1986) and “Tromeo and Juliet” (1996). Just wrapping production, “Poultrygeist! Attack of the Chicken Zombies!” is destined to become another cult classic. Kaufman started making low-budget fi lms in school. He and long-time business partner Michael Herz launched Troma as a distribution company in the late 1970s for their distinct brand of fi lms. It has since grown to include a production company, a merchandising outlet, and in the late 1990s, a cable-television network. One of Kaufman’s best-known and best-loved films is Toxic Avenger (1986), the bloody and terribly violent chronicle of a Long Island nerd’s revenge against the townsfolk who tormented him.In the late 1990s, he recounted his experiences and offered advice to young independent filmmakers in his book “All I Need to Know About Filmmaking I Learned From the Toxic Avenger.” We welcome Lloyd Kaufman to the International Horror & Sci-Fi Hall of Fame for his importance to the horror and science fiction genres and his devotion to independent filmmaking.