Now Streaming - September 2016 by Matthew Robinson


Sweet Home (Netflix) - A consultant for housing decides to surprise her boyfriend for his birthday with a romantic evening in a semi-abandoned building. Admittedly the premise a bit silly but this fast-paced thriller has enough smart moments to recommend. Don’t Breathe is a great home invasion thriller in theaters now but this film doesn’t require you to leave your home.



Road Games (Netflix) - Set in rural France, this twisty backwoods horror film delivers on its basic premise. A hitchhiker rescues a young, beautiful girl from a creepy road rage situation and the two quickly begin traveling together. After hearing about a serial killer on the loose, they seek refuge with an elderly couple. Things get worse for them there. Not every twist works here but the chemistry and performances of the leads make it worth checking out.



The Midnight After (Netflix) - What if you were traveling in a mini-bus, on your way home and suddenly everyone seemed to disappear outside the bus? This is just the first 10 minutes of Fruit Chan’s crazy, wild film. Chan is best known for Dumplings and if you have seen that then you know how bonkers his films can get. The Midnight After is no different. This is an entertaining, WTF kind of film.



Dead Set (Netflix) - The British TV series has only five episodes but you will likely wish there were more. The zombie apocalypse breaks out while a season of Big Brother is being filmed. The shallow reality TV stars have to band together with the shallow producers of the show to survive the chaos the breaks in from outside. Violent, clever, gory and fun Dead Set has it all.




Invasion of the Body Snatcher (Hulu) - The world is overdue for a remake of this classic story but it will have to beat the pants of this stellar remake from 1978. Philip Kaufman directs the great Donald Sutherland in this bigger version of the paranoid pod people tale. The film plays great today due to the political undertones and general lack of trust in government.





Killer Party (Amazon Prime) - Baby showers can be a nightmare social event, especially if a random outbreak makes people into homicidal maniacs. This film was part of the IHSFF a while back and years later it stands out. The ensemble cast and fierce pace are to credit for that, oh yeah and that clown. There's always a clown.