Now Streaming - February 2016

Two months into the year and we have seen a slew of horror films making their appearance in theaters, on streaming platforms, and video on-demand. Some good, some bad, but its always nice to have lots of genre offerings to pick and choose from. We have a few recommendations for February from Matthew Robinson, director of the Arizona Filmmaker Showcase and editor for Check out these picks and let us know the films you are watching. Enjoy....  

Turbo Kid (Netflix) - 80’s pastiche in full neon glory, this is Mad Max, BMX bikes, and superhero powers all rolled into one. While the film often cribs from more memorable films, Turbo Kid has enthusiasm and spirit to spare. The film is clearly made with an infectious joy that triumphs over some of the film’s lesser special effects and acting.




Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning (Netflix)- Scott Adkins should be the next big action star after Ninja 2 and this film. The sci-fi elements get played up big time here making this easily the most enjoyable entry in the franchise. John Hyams directs some stunning action sequences mixing elements of horror and sci-fi along the way. This is pure fun for those who don’t take things too seriously.




Summer of Blood (Netflix) - This is bound to be a divisive film. The main character is a scumbag of the highest order. Nevertheless the film is stubbornly committed to following a loser, asshole get to indulge in his worst sides once he becomes a vampire. The hipster premise is unique enough to recommend but fair warning this film could test your patience.

The Canal (Netflix) - A stunning psychological horror film about a man who’s wife is murdered the night he finds out she was having an affair. It seems like a cut and dry case but there is a supernatural element at play. The main character is a film archivist that allows the filmmakers to create some truly creepy moments along the lines of Sinister. Every time I thought this film would pull a cheap scare tactic it did something far more creative and scary than I expected.


When Animals Dream (Netflix) - A haunting, genuinely original take on the werewolf mythology. A young girl starts to realize who she truly is as the townspeople around grow increasingly paranoid and sinister. This unexpected horror film is a thoughtful statement about acceptance and bravery in the face of oppression. These aren't common themes for a werewolf film and the movie is a knockout for exploring these avenues.