Jeffrey Combs — 2008 IHSFF Hall of Fame Inductee




Few actors living today are truly icons. Jeffrey Combs is that rare breed of actor who has secured himself a spot in film history. Many claim him as the modern- day Vincent Price. Bursting into the public consciousness with his riveting performance as Herbert West in the cult classic Re-Animator, over the years Jeffrey has carved out an enviable niche for himself as a true original.

Jeffrey, a native of the Central Coast region of California, spent years nurturing and honing his craft by attending acclaimed schools and working in regional theatre before pursuing film and television. He received his training at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts and the Actor’s Training Program at the University of Washington in Seattle. He spent years in regional theatre performing at such notable venues as the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego, Arizona Theatre Company in Tucson, AZ, the California Shakespearean Company, the Mark Taper Forum and South Coast Repertory where, in 1983, he won an LA Drama Critics Award.

With over 50 feature films and countless television works under his belt, Jeffrey’s career spans a broad range of genres. However, he’s most widely recognized and dearly loved by fans of the Horror/ Sci-Fi genres. Along with Re-Animator, a few of his most beloved performances are his memorable portrayal of quirky FBI agent Milton Dammers in Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners, which earned him a Saturn Award nomination, his chilling performance as Dr. Richard Vannacutt in the Halloween box office champ House on Haunted Hill and his widely praised portrayal of Edgar Allan Poe in Stuart Gordon’s "The Black Cat" for Showtime’s Masters of Horror series. He starred with Rene Zellwegger in the indie film favorite Love and a .45 and acted opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt in the successful I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

Jeffrey has worked continuously in television through the course of his career. From a guest spot on CSI to appearing regularly as Kevin Burkhoff on the popular series The 4400, he has over 30 credits in television. But without question Jeffrey is considered a mainstay in the Star Trek franchise. He has guest starred in close to 50 episodes spanning over three Star Trek series. He is the only actor to recur in two different roles in the same series. He portrayed Liquidator Brunt and the Vorta, Weyoun, on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He also recurred many times as the memorable Commander Shran on Star Trek: Enterprise.

Jeffrey’s career shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. As of this writing, he stars in 5 films yet to be released.