Dates set for 2014. Submissions are now closed.


  The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival returns to celebrate its 10th Anniversary. The event will be held April 3 to April 10, 2014 at the Harkins Scottsdale 101.

Our submission period is now closed. Notifications will be made late January. Check back to see our selections. Good luck and we'll see you in April!


Guest line-up announced for this year’s festival!

This year we have the pleasure of bringing you three very special guests. On Friday night, we’ve got a screening of “Saw” with producer Peter Block in attendance to answer questions. Also, on Friday you can catch Teller of “Penn and Teller” with his film “Play Dead”. Then on Saturday night we bring you the cult classic, “They Live” with special guest, Meg Foster. For more details, CLICK HERE

2013 IHSFFF: We Need Your Screenplays!


The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival will return April 4 to April 11, 2013 and we're looking for film and screenplay entries, now through December 14th, 2012.
Here's some information about the festival and submitting....

The International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival (IHSFF) comes from the producers behind the Phoenix Film Film Festival and is a program of the 501c(3) non-profit Phoenix Film Foundation.

For 2013, the 9th Annual International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival will be taking place at the Phoenix Film Festival. You’ll be able to catch the best in horror and sci-fi independent films alongside over a hundred other independent films at the biggest film party of the year. Screenings will take place over six days at the festival.

The leadership of the Phoenix Film Festival will continue to be producing the IHSFF. There will be a focus on independent competition horror and sci-fi films as well as some independent studio films. Celebrity guests from the Horror and Sci-Fi genre will also be in attendance. Past guests have included Linda Blair, Ken Foree, Lance Henriksen, Charles Cyphers, Jeffrey Combs, Adrienne King, Mick Garris, Lloyd Kaufman, Judy O’Dea, Marilyn Burns, Casper Van Dien and Tobe Hooper.

This event will receive press coverage from the top genre press, both online and traditional.

The event continues to be the top genre fest in the Southwest.

Sci-Fi Awards


  Best SciFi Feature Film

2005:   Experiment

2006:   Firefly

2007:   11 Minutes Ago

2008:   Ray Bradbury’s Chrysalis

2009:   Eyeborgs

2010:   Everything’s Eventual

2011:   Triple Hit

2012:   Pig

2013:   Channeling

2014:   S.O.S.: Save Our Skins


Best SciFi Short Film

2005:   No Sanctuary

2006:   The Grandfather Paradox

2007:   EPICAC

2008:   D-I-M, Deus in Machina

2009:   SchizoFredric

2010:   Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement

2011:   Picture Show at the End of the World

2012:   Secret Identity

2013:   White Room: 02B3

2014:   The Developer



Best Sci-Fi Screenplay

2005:   Messengers

2006:   A Through M

2007:   11 Minutes Ago

2008:   Man from Earth

2009:   8th Wonderland

2010:   Lunopolis

Horror Awards


Best Horror Feature Film 2005:   The Dark Hours — Paul Fox, Director

2006:   Unrest

2007:   Long Pigs

2008:   Farmhouse

2009:   XII

2010:   Rage

2011:   Absentia

2012:   It’s In The Blood

2013:   Found.

2014:   Billy Club


Best Horror Short Film

2005:   Herbie!

2006:   Penny Dreadful

2007:   Coming to Town

2008:   Kirksdale

2009:   Jack The Reaper

2010:   The Furred Man

2011:   Bugbaby

2012:   Brutal Relax

2013:   Killer Kart

2014:   The Carriage or Dracula and My Mother


Best Horror Screenplay           

2005:   The Dark Hours

2006:   In Memorium

2008:   Alien Raiders

2009:   Neighbor

2010:   Ashes




International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Screenplay Contest Winners

International Horror and Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest Results


2014 Winners

1st Place - Terra Alpha One Written by Neil Chase

2nd Place - Deers! Written by John Furby

3rd Place - Santa Muerte Written by Ben Soper & Tyler Soper

Other Finalists (in alpha order by title)

Aurora, Texas by Larry Leahy

Drowning Pool by P.W. Gavan

Genesis Prime by Joe Crouch

Grimwood by Murat Izmirli

Obie by Thierry Vilar

Porphyria by Shannon Fontana

Sardis the Merciful by Christian Thomas


2013 Winners

1st Place - Dragon Moon

Written by Joe Crouch



2012 Winners

1st Place - Lobison Written by Joe "Tuffy" Tofuri

2nd Place - Through the Night Written by Edward Martin III 3rd Place - Anderson Falls Written by Giles Daoust

Other Finalists (in alpha order by title)

Bast by Matt Francis

Belzec: The Made Undead by Steffan Postaer

The Devil You Know by Melody Cooper

Founding Fathers by Giles Daoust

Gravity by Andrew Noble

Predator/Prey by Kent Kitzman

A Viking on the Subway by William Torgerson

2012 IHSFF Films to be announced!

Keep an eye out for the film selections for the 2012 International Horror and Sci-Film Festival. Many of the selections will be announced right here on February 15. We'll have over 25 new horror and sci-fi films for you to devour at this year's upcoming festival. Not only will we have great feature films, but also the finest in genre short films for you to enjoy. Check back here for all of the details on this year's amazing line-up.

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