International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Screenplay Contest Winners

International Horror and Sci-Fi Screenplay Contest Results


2014 Winners

1st Place - Terra Alpha One Written by Neil Chase

2nd Place - Deers! Written by John Furby

3rd Place - Santa Muerte Written by Ben Soper & Tyler Soper

Other Finalists (in alpha order by title)

Aurora, Texas by Larry Leahy

Drowning Pool by P.W. Gavan

Genesis Prime by Joe Crouch

Grimwood by Murat Izmirli

Obie by Thierry Vilar

Porphyria by Shannon Fontana

Sardis the Merciful by Christian Thomas


2013 Winners

1st Place - Dragon Moon

Written by Joe Crouch



2012 Winners

1st Place - Lobison Written by Joe "Tuffy" Tofuri

2nd Place - Through the Night Written by Edward Martin III 3rd Place - Anderson Falls Written by Giles Daoust

Other Finalists (in alpha order by title)

Bast by Matt Francis

Belzec: The Made Undead by Steffan Postaer

The Devil You Know by Melody Cooper

Founding Fathers by Giles Daoust

Gravity by Andrew Noble

Predator/Prey by Kent Kitzman

A Viking on the Subway by William Torgerson