Congratulations to the 2018 IHSFF Short Screenplay Search Winners!

Thank you to all who submitted their screenplays to the 2018 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition. We are very excited to announce this year's winners!

First Place:

Quietus by Joshua Bartolome

A cancer patient's sanity is taken to the brink when a series of mysterious brain tests results in terrifying visions of cosmic evil.

Second Place:

Virtually Fine by Gil Saint

What good is living in the world of tomorrow if you're still haunted by all the problems of today? That's the question at the center of this dystopian dark comedy. But science may finally have an answer: an experimental device that can change anyone's world view, even Miller, the future's most pathetic sad-sack of a man.

Third Place:

The Everlasting by Dean Whittington

A Father finds out there is more to surviving than just staying alive.


Custom Strain by Lara Haynes Freed

Trapped in a biotech building on lockdown, an animal-lab technician must confront a vengeful rat demon.

Living Memory by Stephen Graves

An elderly man struggles to care for his ailing wife, facing a terrible choice as her memory fails – while the zombies draw ever closer.

A War on Terror by Peter Haig

When a group of soldiers is hit by an IED they are left to figure out if they are alive, dead, or worse.

Unplug by Pat Lomax

Dark Hour by Edward Martin

In the dark of night, horrifying things are happening deep in the woods. Horrifying things to horrifying creatures.

Melville by Jeremy Storey

Murderers that get pinched and punished are the lucky ones. Those that slip into the darkness have the misfortune of meeting Melville. As he will teach them that killing has consequences. Some worldly. Some other.