Congratulations to the 2017 IHSFF Short Screenplay Search Winners!

Thank you to all who submitted their screenplays to the 2017 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival Short Screenplay Competition. We are very excited to announce this year's winners!


First Place:

Medicine Show Blues by Jeffrey Howe of Ladue, Missourri


Second Place:

Bantam Bloom by Cory Zerbe & Michael Garza


Third Place:

Night of the Witch by Mike Meade of Forest Grove, Oregon

Three 7th grade boys decide to investigate a local urban legend on Halloween night, but wind up getting more than they bargained for.



Terraquarrium by Bruce Joseph of Mt. Pleasant, SC

A kid's toy holds the key to a family whose fun beach outing turns tragic; an astronaut embarking on intergalactic space travel to save mankind and a college student grappling with his existential existence.

Fields of Blood by Mike Meade of Forest Grove, OR

A criminal on the run finds himself in an isolated rural community that holds a deadly secret.

Sorcerer by Mike Meade of Forest Grove, OR

A young woman who may have murdered her parents takes a job as a live-in nanny, not suspecting the sinister plans her new employer has for her.

Enemy Unseen by Humayun Mirza

A soldier struggles to accept the shocking truth about a vicious war he has been fighting in.

Morton Heads Home by Philip Tarrant Gilbert, AZ

A malfunctioning robot braves alien conditions to get back to base.

Message through the Stars by Vijay Varman

While travelling at the speed of light to a distant planet, a young mother must deal with the fallout this journey has on her only child.

The Falconry Of Ghosts by Kenny Wright of Carson, CA

While driving home at night, a sociopath accidentally kills a young woman and flees the scene; denying any connection to the crime. He gets away with the murder, until the girls shaman grandfather calls upon the spirit of a fierce native american warrior to avenge her death.