Queen of Blood makes its WORLD PREMIERE at IHSFF with Director Chris Alexander!

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Queen of Blood 2  

Tickets for this will be going fast! Chris Alexander is making the trek to Phoenix for the world premiere of his new horror flick Queen of Blood. The Fangoria Editor-in-Chief will be on hand for a post-mortem Q&A.

A thematic and stylistic follow-up to Alexander’s first film, the award-winning experimental psychodrama Blood for Irina, Queen of Blood sees vampire Irina reborn as a “vampiric” plague, a force of nature whose destiny is to lay waste to a fever dream vision of the Wild West. Drawing her victims to her like insects to bright lights, Irina drains their blood through her fingertips while setting her sights on a pregnant widow, a woman who might hold the key to Irina’s fate.

Nivek Ogre stars as a mad preacher, dangerously obsessed with Irina whom he sees as an act of God.  An epic, psychological, surrealist opera with touches of science fiction.

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